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Partner with B.A.I.T.

The B.A.I.T. sponsorship plan is structured to leverage its marketing potential and grow its tournament trail. B.A.I.T. seeks partner relationships with organizations that understand the considerable business value of community, media exposure, and the pro-environment components that comprise its 'Trail'. Each sponsorship plan will be customized for the betterment of the partner relationship and suitability to the particular industry represented.

Founded in 1999, the B.A.I.T. 'Trail' is well into its eighth team tournament fishing season. It is a seasoned business entity with considerable angler participation and consumer awareness as the "working-class" anglers' trail. B.A.I.T. contends that brand savvy partners that are willing to invest in its/their future will reap exceptional business value.

B.A.I.T. partners gain considerable access to a network of 137 bass tournaments segmented into 17 divisions across eight southeastern states. Partner participation empowers B.A.I.T. to incrementally enhance its team trail experience in a proactive, media-rich manner, which drives exposure to partner products as it maximizes angler participation in B.A.I.T. tournaments.

Sponsorship Plans

B.A.I.T. will customize sponsorship plans to meet the specific promotional needs of any size company. A wide spectrum of sponsorship levels begin with having a company or product name everywhere B.A.I.T. appears, on down to limited-regional opportunities that showcase products and build brand awareness at the B.A.I.T. divisional level.

Brand Partners | Unmatched sponsorship opportunity to have a company or product name everywhere B.A.I.T. appears

Feature Partners | High-profile sponsor level that promotes products and brands/logo second only to the brand partner level

Strategic Partners | Medium-high sponsor profile that promotes a company's single product and company logo

Regional Partners | Regional sponsorship opportunity to showcase products and build brand awareness at state-wide B.A.I.T. tournaments

Limited-Regional Partners | Limited-regional sponsorship opportunity to showcase products and build brand awareness

Tournament within a Tournament Partners | Reward product-specific usage especially when its part of a winning combination. Leverage this B.A.I.T. sponsorship into rapid brand exposure, community involvement, customer reward programs, and expanded media coverage.

Community Partners | "Take 'ME' Fishing", targets local children, seniors, and female anglers. B.A.I.T. is a socially responsible organization that strives to improve its relationship with local communities and increase everyone's opportunity to fish. It contends that there is considerable acceptance and a continuing need for community-oriented programs-and the rewards will be great for creative implementers. B.A.I.T. during tournament events offer partners the potential for significant visibility and media attention. B.A.I.T. will coordinate event focus and components with partners.

Pro-Environment Partners | B.A.I.T. "Clean Waters", established to lessen the impact of fishing on the environment. The active participation of tournament anglers to clean and leave less of an imprint is another exciting B.A.I.T. initiative. It will collaborate with partners on the development and implementation of creative stewardship programs with pro-environment rewards.

The B.A.I.T. "Clean Waters" Campaign is also a competition where tournament anglers are rewarded (another sponsorship opportunity) for how much floating debris, monofilament, and trash are brought back to the dock and turned in during weigh-ins. Partners can have their name on collection sacks, promotions, banners, and awards.

B.A.I.T. envisions a true environmental impact by having anglers do their part in cleaning up the waters that they fish. When successfully implemented, The B.A.I.T. "Clean Waters" Campaign will improve fishing, water quality, and water safety.

B.A.I.T. Web-Only Partners | Web-only sponsorship is well suited to organizations which require a strong internet presence among bass fishing enthusiasts. This sponsorship provides a 300 wide x 60 tall linked banner on the opening page of B.A.I.T. and/or on a dedicated sponsorship information page.

Publication Partners | B.A.I.T. local fishing guides help communities promote and generate new revenues. B.A.I.T. and its partners will co-develop B.A.I.T. fishing guides with interested communities, e.g., tourism and convention bureaus, chambers, and retail organizations.

Single-Event Partners | Single-event sponsorship packages vary per event, participation requirements, and cost. They can include flyers, posters, banner advertisement, event booth sponsorship, radio and cable/TV spots, Web ads, and award sponsorships.

For more information on any level of sponsorship, please contact B.A.I.T. Promotions and Sponsorships at We appreciate your continued interest in B.A.I.T., and look forward to discussing how partnering with B.A.I.T. can strengthen your brand.



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